The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)

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The panpsychist hunch is that consciousness could be like that, too — and that if it is, there is no particular reason to assume that it only occurs in certain kinds of matter.

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It is the argument that anything at all could be conscious, providing that the information it contains is sufficiently interconnected and organised. But in principle the same might apply to the internet, or a smartphone, or a thermostat. The ethical implications are unsettling: might we owe the same care to conscious machines that we bestow on animals?

Koch, for his part, tries to avoid stepping on insects as he walks. Sure enough, when people fall into a deep sleep, or receive an injection of anaesthetic, as they slip into unconsciousness, the device demonstrates that their brain integration declines, too. Gather enough of this kind of evidence, Koch argues and in theory you could take any device, measure the complexity of the information contained in it, then deduce whether or not it was conscious.

But even if one were willing to accept the perplexing claim that a smartphone could be conscious, could you ever know that it was true? Surely only the smartphone itself could ever know that? Koch shrugged. Personally, I have no experience of black holes. But the theory [that predicts black holes] seems always to be true, so I tend to accept it.

It would be satisfying for multiple reasons if a theory like this were eventually to vanquish the Hard Problem. The universe is throbbing with it. Last June, several of the most prominent combatants in the consciousness debates — including Chalmers, Churchland and Dennett — boarded a tall-masted yacht for a trip among the ice floes of Greenland. This conference-at-sea was funded by a Russian internet entrepreneur, Dmitry Volkov, the founder of the Moscow Centre for Consciousness Studies. About 30 academics and graduate students, plus crew, spent a week gliding through dark waters, past looming snow-topped mountains and glaciers, in a bracing chill conducive to focused thought, giving the problem of consciousness another shot.

In the mornings, they visited islands to go hiking, or examine the ruins of ancient stone huts; in the afternoons, they held conference sessions on the boat. For Chalmers, the setting only sharpened the urgency of the mystery: how could you feel the Arctic wind on your face, take in the visual sweep of vivid greys and whites and greens, and still claim conscious experience was unreal, or that it was simply the result of ordinary physical stuff, behaving ordinarily? The question was rhetorical.

Dennett and Churchland were not converted; indeed, Chalmers has no particular confidence that a consensus will emerge in the next century. It would be poetic — albeit deeply frustrating — were it ultimately to prove that the one thing the human mind is incapable of comprehending is itself. An answer must be out there somewhere. And finding it matters: indeed, one could argue that nothing else could ever matter more — since anything at all that matters, in life, only does so as a consequence of its impact on conscious brains.

Follow the Long Read on Twitter: gdnlongread. The long read. Philosophers and scientists have been at war for decades over the question of what makes human beings more than complex robots by Oliver Burkeman. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics The long read.

Philosophy Psychology Neuroscience Human biology features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. The humanity of man is under attack as man is being transformed from flesh and blood into a mechanical being. The promoters of transhumanism justify this blurring as the advancement of evolution. When reading their writings and the justification of this horror, often the underlying support is the advancement of evolution. Some actually write that Singularity is speeding up evolution.

The idea that man somehow would naturally evolve into a machine over a million year time period is beyond ridiculous. These scientists believe that man has evolved beyond evolution and now can control the direction of the evolutionary process. They look at the biological human as bound in a frail limited body that through the process of evolution can advance into a new species, a Cyber Sapiens! The evolution of technology is just the continuation of biological evolution. This idea of technological evolution as a natural process is not being promoted by kooks, but by many leaders of these scientific fields.

This is not coming from some fringe element, but from the leading centers of science from all over the world!

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We are this animal, filled with ancient emotions and needs, amplified by our intellects and a conscious mind, embarking on a new century where we are creating fresh tools and technologies so rapidly that we are struggling to keep pace with the very changes we are bringing to the table. By his calculations, by mid-century no human task, physical or intellectual, will be beyond the scope of robots.

Moravec says, "I see a strong parallel between the evolution of robot intelligence and the biological intelligence that preceded it.

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The largest nervous systems doubled in size about every fifteen million years since the Cambrian explosion million years ago. Robot controllers double in complexity processing power every year or two. They are now barely at the lower range of vertebrate complexity, but should catch up with us within a half century.

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Their belief is that with futuristic technologies being developed in multiple fields, human intelligence may eventually be able to "escape its ensnarement in biological tissue" and be able to move freely across boundaries that can't support flesh and blood--while still retaining our identities. Only someone who is self deceived could think that the development of a transhuman is happening by evolution.

Singularity is being accomplished by an intelligent being applying knowledge. It appears that the promoters of Singularity have committed intellectual suicide to advance their agenda based on some process of evolution. It is obvious that the architects of Singularity have brilliant minds with vast amounts of knowledge, but they are devoid of understanding and the ability to reason. This delusion on the part of huge numbers of people is going to lead them into a direct confrontation with the Creator.

A side issue with Singularity is the striving to create immortality. Many adherents see this as a way to avoid death. When Singularity is reached, they believe all of a person's thoughts and emotions can be stored or transferred into a cyborg. A person can now live forever because the mind can be fully preserved and transferred from one location to another.

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  • With artificial intelligence one's mind could forever be learning and experiencing emotions. From a materialist's perspective, this achievement represents eternal life. The following articles show the idea of virtual immortality that Singularity seems to offer: Virtual Immortality -How To Live Forever "The goal is to combine artificial intelligence with the latest advanced graphics and video game-type technology to enable us to create historical archives of people beyond what can be achieved using traditional technologies such as text, audio, and video footage," says Jason Leigh of the University of Chicago's Electronic Visualization Laboratory.

    The researchers plan on taking the appearance, mannerisms, voice, and even the knowledge of a real person and synthesizing the data into a "virtual person" or avatar. The goal is to create an avatar that will be able to respond to questions and convincingly represent its human counterpart. They believe because this form of intelligence can think; therefore, it is a new form of life similar to biological life.

    These scientists are actually grappling with the concept that they are creating a new form of life.

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    Because artificial intelligence can be programmed for emotions, they believe a new species of life is being formed. Many of the scientists involved with Singularity are obsessed with their achievements and the direction of science. The following article captures how scientists believe they are creating a new form of life: "What is Life? We are made of biomaterials; they are silicon and steel, but in principle, even human emotions are mechanistic.

    Why should a robot's numbers be any less authentic than a human's? One of Brooks of his longtime goals has been to create a robot so "alive" that you feel bad about switching it off. This tremendous explosion in knowledge is leading to a direct confrontation with the Creator, the holy God of Israel. God created man is His likeness or image, hence a representative figure. The Bible makes it clear that God does not have a flesh and blood body, but the way man was created makes him in the likeness of God.

    Singularity alters man's likeness to God, and thus man is no longer in the image of God. Tampering with man's integrity is very serious business with God. This is found in Revelation 13, one of the most famous chapters in the Bible. This chapter reveals two infamous men referred to as Beasts. They are called beasts because of their inner character and the havoc they bring to mankind. These two appear on the world stage as both political and military leaders. The entire world is going to follow after them, and all the world is going to come under their control.

    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)
    The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3) The Spiritual Singularity (The Day Eight Series Part 3)

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