The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1)

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I mentioned above, that certain groups declare tongues to have ceased because the New Testament is now complete. Merrill F. Unger, in his book New Testament teaching on Tongues , gives 8 reasons why tongues were only temporary see pages But when?

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The next question is what is perfect? Are the scriptures perfect or complete? The scriptures cannot and do not give us perfect understanding and complete knowledge. Was Paul enlightened with complete knowledge and understood all mysteries? The answer is no according to 1 Co. Paul wrote a large part of the New Testament and received numerous revelations and heard unspeakable words in paradise 2 Co.

Can we then say Paul had complete knowledge? For surly if the scriptures can give us complete, perfect enlightenment, then he, being one of the major writers, should have been so blessed. However his own words tell us differently.

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Did the scriptures give Peter complete understanding? Peter, in 2 Pe. What then are the scriptures given to us for? It properly signifies an integer or whole number in arithmetic, to which nothing needs to be added to make it complete. Robertson, Word Pictures in the New Testament , vol. Final clause with hina and present subjunctive of eime. Artios is old word from root aro , to fit , specially adapted, here only in N. Verses lists the excellence of love. Looking at the list of fruits in Galatians we must ask, will joy fail, will gentleness cease or will goodness vanish away?

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  • No, assuredly not! They will become even more apparent without the flesh to smother them. The fruits of the spirit in us will blossom, for we shall be spirit 1 Co. But once you mature and study more advanced math the primitive form of adding is done away with, and simple calculations can be done in your head. This is what Paul is referring to, once we become spirit and put off the earthly we will communicate with Yahweh on an equal level spiritual. The primitive or present gifts we are now given, tongues, prophecy, knowledge, will be unnecessary and discarded.

    Now is Paul saying that all the gifts of the spirit will end or only the three mentioned? The partial will be done away with. We must patiently wait. When the scriptures are written and distributed? I think not! Simply because the scriptures tell us He is perfect. In Lu.

    Baptism, the Early Church, and the Continuing Church

    Did all the gifts of the Holy Spirit slowly come to an end? Does the fact that the majority of miracles that were performed occurred in the early chapters of Acts indicate this gift eventually faded away, until it disappeared altogether? If we follow this sort of haphazard reasoning many vague conclusions could be drawn, which would result in the truth being mired in confusion and fabrication.

    Sadly, much like what we hear of today. What we find in 2 Co. Does living for Yahweh automatically give us perfect health and a prosperous life style? Our Father loves and cares for us, He keeps us from sliding too far down that slippery slope to be unable to get back up. See also Pr.

    The Church of God, Volume 6, Issue 1

    The Apostle John fits it together in 1 Jn. Yahshua pleaded with His Father three times to be saved from death Mt. The degree to which the power of the Holy Spirit was displayed in the 1st century assembly, will not necessarily be what Yahweh deems is required for us now. For some to suggest the gift of healing was, over a 25 year period, slowly diminishing based on these three examples, is preposterous and very misleading, to the point of being deceiving.

    After all we should desire to learn its true meaning, not impose ours upon it. Why is it so hard to recognize that prophesy is a divine message without the future being foretold? No preaching or teaching here. Teaching is a completely separate gift from prophesy or tongues, see the lists in 1 Co. While praying or prophesying a person enters into the most Holy Place He.

    We must faithfully accept the scriptures as they are written, adapting them to accommodate our beliefs is always tempting and everyone of us has had that conflict to resolve. As has been mentioned tongues is a sign for those that, as yet, do not believe, as well as a gift of edifying for the assembly. The operation of tongues in Corinth, compared to Pentecost or Caesarea, obviously was not identical. Yahweh uses tongues as a sign at different times, while in the assembly it is for edifying, unless unbelievers are present, then it can be for both. Not unlike prophesy, which is also for edifying as well as warning of future events.

    If tongues is a tool to teach foreigners, then why is it needed in the assembly?

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    Notice the word order: "a god was the word. The subject can be after the verb and the object before the verb, the opposite of how we do it in English subject-verb-object. Research has shown that when ancient Greek writers put a object-noun first in a sentence like John a be-verb sentence: x is y , without the definite article, they are telling us that the subject belongs to the class represented by the object-noun: :"The car is a Volkswagen. No one in John's day would have understood the phrase to mean "The word was God" - the language does not convey that sense, and conceptually it is difficult to grasp such an idea, especially since that author has just said that the word was with God.

    Someone is not with himself, he is with some other.

    John clearly differentiates between God from the Word. The latter becomes flesh and is seen; the former cannot be seen.

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    What is the Word? John says it was the agent through whom God made the world. He starts his gospel "In the beginning How does God create in Genesis? He speaks words that make things come into existence. So the Word is God's creative power and plan and activity. It is not God himself, but it is not really totally separate from God either.

    Book TWO: (1/4) Baptized by Blazing Fire (FULL)

    It occupies a kind of ambiguous status.

    The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1) The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1)
    The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1) The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1)
    The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1) The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1)
    The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1) The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1)
    The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1) The Four Degrees of Baptism (Ministudy Book 1)

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