The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale)

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Well, along comes Thomas Edison and Ned Buntline, whose invention of electricity and electric trains have transformed Tombstone into a thriving city, while the development of brass has provided buildings, trains, and people with protection against the weapons of the Native Americans. This all leads to an alternate version of the story of the O. Instead, it turned out to be the literary equivalent of a bag of potato chips. On a positive note, the end of the novel left me with some hope that future novels may develop several interesting threads involving the ongoing struggle between the U. That was the most interesting aspect of this book, and if subsequent novels more fully explore this, good things may happen.

As for this one… Turns out View all 28 comments. Aug 15, The Shayne-Train rated it really liked it. So, sometimes the Goodreads reviews from trusted reviewers can steer you away from time-wasting drivel. And other times, you take a chance and think: "Did they read a different fucking book?

You want Western?

Oh it's dripping with it. Gunfights and faro layouts and cathouses and horse-rustlers and meticulously maintained facial hair and Indian medicine men and Federal marshals. Oh, and Doc fuckin' Holliday. You want sci-fi? How about cybo So, sometimes the Goodreads reviews from trusted reviewers can steer you away from time-wasting drivel. How about cyborg whores and handheld Gatling guns and electric cars in the goddamned Wild West? A bit of horror?

The Buntline Special

A zombie gunfighter, and a reluctant vampire. Will do. Why don't we say that Thomas Edison moved to Tombstone and lit up the whole place with electric lights and horseless carriages? And even beyond all that, a great storyline, delicious cowboy banter, and a heartfelt portrait of an American legend, who spend most of his short life dying, and living more than we ever will. Did I enjoy this book? Yes, I did, immensely. Were all those less-thanstars reviews completely fucking wrong? Well, yeah, but everyone has their 'off' days, I reckon.

Will I be back to read the rest of the series? You know it. Why does this review have so many question marks?

I couldn't tell you. And was I held back by my complete inability to read anything featuring Doc Holliday without picturing Val Kilmer in my head? Everybody's got their crosses to bear.

And my own little P. I heartily disagree. I can see why they did it, but this is not Steampunk. There are no steam-powered anythings, and no mention of corsets, and it doesn't take place in Victorian England. This is a singularly-realized American offshoot, which I'm dubbing Static punk.

So there. View 1 comment. Feb 18, Neal Litherland rated it did not like it. Additionally, The Buntline Special violates one of the key rules of alternative history; ignoring the ripple effect. Tombstone is a small town, and in this book Edison who contrary to historical doctrine is a nice and helpful genius rather than an absolute prick that hires people and steals their brilliance and Buntline have opened shop and have revolutionized more things in town than you can name.

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The town's wired with electricity, they've developed super-hardened brass, there are horseless carriages, android prostitutes Beyond that, where are these crazy inventors getting the supplies? There's no railhead, hence the need for carriages, and that being the case where are they getting everything they need to invent items like Victorian robots or functioning cybernetic prosthetics? These things are essentially being pulled out of thin air, as there's no logical reason for all of this to be in Arizona.

This is why science fiction from the era of industrialization tends to happen in big cities Feb 28, Mike the Paladin rated it did not like it. I suppose read "sort-of" might be more appropriate. I just couldn't get into this book, so I skimmed through to see how he tied it up. If you can use that phrase. This was a somewhat interesting idea with it's total steam punk rewrite of history and the gimmicks included. I have never found a steam punk novel I liked. I read a synopsis and think I ought to like a given book but in the end so far I never have. Part of me thinks that this might have worked better as a graphic novel.

Oh well. So I suppose read "sort-of" might be more appropriate. Sorry if you liked it. I am as I've said before a big believer in "to each his own" where books are concerned. This isn't for me, but I'm happy for you if you like it.

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Shelves: weird-west , fantasy , reading , owned-copy , famous-literary-historical-characte , funny-read , male-pov , steampunk , alternate-history , bbb-review. This one was a fun, rollicking read. Recommended to western fans who like a little weird, steampunk fantasy vibe. May 11, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: steampunk , science-fiction , the-unfortunately-unrelished. It seems, despite how prolific Resnick is, he writes like Stephenie Meyer.

Characterization was practically nil, which is made even more pathetic by the fact that Resnick was working with more than just pre-made characters—he was working with real people. Everything that happened to them was written as if it was no consequence. However, this is not the case. Speaking of characterization, I was also incredibly disappointed to find that Geronimo was portrayed as childish and, above all, two faced as we see at the end of the book. Unfortunately, Resnick seems to think the stereotypical approach to Native Americans is in vogue for Weird West books.

Unfortunately for him, he missed that memo, as well.

Strange Inheritance: Bang for the Bick

Even the medicine man that helps Doc and the rest of the crew is not only the worst sort of two-dimensional, but just as stereotypical. I found myself having to go back and reread multiple times. Not that any of it made sense. Go watch Brisco County, Jr. This sorry excuse for a book has none of the latter. But, then again, what else could I have expected when the book advertised with a ridiculous amount of cleavage on the cover?

Despite the fact that I had hard time putting it down, this book was awful. It was so awful, that I ended up rage reading it to see if it ever improved. It didn't. The most egregious problem for me was the lack of characterization. This was especially true for the female and Native American characters in the book.

The Buntline Special

Women could be dived into four categories: prostitutes, robot prostitutes, former prostitutes, and women who can't understand why their men like prostitutes. The depiction of Native Am Despite the fact that I had hard time putting it down, this book was awful. The depiction of Native Americans was so one dimensional and borderline racist that it made my skin crawl. Ultimately, the writer was simply lazy and assumed that a steampunk western that included robotic prostitutes and Indians with magic powers was the same as putting in some effort.

Aug 26, Harris rated it did not like it Shelves: usa , library-book , ebook , fiction , fantasy.

Review: The Buntline Special by Mike Resnick.

This novel is no different; a boring account of the Gunfight at the OK Corral spruced up with superfluous fantasy elements that have no real effect on the story in an alternate history setting that falls apart under the least scrutiny. The Buntline Special has a typically goofy, standard steampunk premise.

However, these elements are mixed so poorly you might well break a tooth on all the contradictory elements. Why was Tombstone chosen as this hotbed of mad science by Edison and Ned Buntline a two bit hack rather than a captain of industry as presented - there is no reason.

The alternate history premise is so patently nonsensical and lazy, I could not suspend my belief for an instant, let alone an entire book. So, apparently, indigenous Americans can use magic and fought European invaders to stalemate, leaving them in control of all territory west of the Mississippi. Fair enough. Why was Tombstone founded in the same place with the same name with the same people in this wildly different world?

The Buntline Special

At the very least, atmosphere should be drawn in this iconic Western setting, but the writing is so unappealing and bland, it does not even manage that. Aside from all this set dressing, the familiar story brings nothing new in the telling.

Finally, the frankly appalling treatment of women and minorities detract even further.

The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale) The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale)
The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale) The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale)
The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale) The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale)
The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale) The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale)
The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale) The Buntline Special (Weird West Tale)

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