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Come home. So nag ayos muna kami ng gamit pagdating sa hotel tapos nag punta kami ng bayan para bumili pa ng ibang gamit na kulang and kumain na din ng lunch para pag balik sa hotel makapag swimming na kami tapos pahinga. Andrew and I went to UST last Saturday and it struck me that it was the first time we went back there together in months. It feels nice to just hang out with him like we did back in our college days, just goofing around the campus and falling asleep at the pav near the field or just watching the world go by.

I love how I love you. Loving you makes me forget that I grow older in this world. It is indeed true.

He tells Elena he loves her

I left Manila a week ago and i find myself having a hard time letting go of it and settling down back in our home. Mostly im just not ready to move on from the month of perfection i had.

Take a look inside The Mummy Diaries star Sam Faiers' Hertfordshire home

In the past month, home has been sleeping in your arms, talking until late in the evening or early in the morning, opening the door to let the cold air in, cuddling, and waking up next to you. Home has been the smell of your deodorant, the touch of your lips, the warmth of your hugs, the tickles, the hugs after every nightmare, and the look in your eyes.

Home has been eating meals sitting on the floor while watching a movie or an episode of our favorite tv show, buying ice on nearby stores and making iced tea, walking to the ministop late at night for midnight snacks, and wiping ourselves with damp cloth when laziness strikes and taking a bath after a long day seems too tiring.

Home has been staying in the office until the wee hours during weekdays, getting drunk on friday nights, and staying in for the weekends or going out for moviedates. Home has been segregating laundry, cleaning up the room, and heck even the endless fixing of the curtains. Log in Sign up. It's never too late, Happy 3 years. POA random thoughts personal boyfriend diaries. Thankfulness; even in the hard times. The things I miss the most The things I miss the most are the simple things.

God I just miss him. Boyfriend diaries. Boyfriend: Hey babe Day plans. Paolo: What's your plan for today? Me: Work out then pick up Yen at school later. Favorite superheroes. Paolo: Spiderman's my favorite super hero. Paolo: Because he's my neighbor. Me: Oh really.

P: And he's friendly!

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Both: laughs annoyingly. My Boyfriend My boyfriend Magpakasal na tayo.

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Boyfriend Diaries Vol. Ikaw nga ba love of my life? Ikaw nga ba ang icing sa ibabaw ng cupcake ko? Patrick: Hmmmm She also states that, while she got good grade on her paper, she still doesn't know enough about sex, love, or the city to ever write about it again and then throws her birth control away. Maggie takes a pregnancy test revealing that she is pregnant. She goes to Simon the police officer that she has been having an affair with and tells him, expecting him to break up with his fiance and marry Maggie instead and raise the baby together.

The thought backfires as Simon says no and that he will not help. Maggie then visits Sebastian to talk and tells him everything; Sebastian is very supportive and lets Maggie stay the night. In which Carrie goes to Sebastian's house to return the jacket and sees Maggie sleeping and the couch, Carrie figures they are in a relationship and drives off. Later on Sebastian takes Maggie to the doctor to get an abortion but Maggie decides to take a few more days to figure out if she wants to have the abortion or not.

Maggie then collapses and is taken to the hospital by Sebastian. Sebastian calls Carrie whom was at a party and states that Maggie has collapsed and is at the hospital.

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Carrie races back from the city to the hospital. Sebastian tells Carrie everything and they get back together. A nurse at the hospital is friends with Maggie's parents and tells them about the pregnancy. Carrie convinces Maggie to tell her dad that it was Simon who did it, not Sebastian. The next day, Simon goes to the school and tries to hurt Maggie but was blocked by Carrie who then almost got punched by Simon.

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He then gets into a fight with Sebastian, who gets expelled. Then Sebastian moves away which results their very complicated relationship. After a while, Sebastian surprises Carrie with moving back and she freaks out thinking that moving back was only for her. Sebastian later tells Carrie why he moved back and that it wasn't just for her. He then moves into Larissa's loft where he in the next episode starts a skateboarding clothing line, which Carrie had a fight with him about.

The Vampire Diaries: 7 Reasons Damon Is The Best Boyfriend Ever

She then came to her senses and told him she will support him all the way. Little did she know that later, Bennett breaks up with Walt and Bennett starts skipping work, so Carrie has to fill in for him. Carrie does an excellent job but she is frustrated with Bennett because he was taking credit for her work.

So when Bennett skips a big interview, Carrie goes in his place and meets with the prodigy ballerina, Olivia, whom tells her that if you want to strive for something, you have to scratch for it even if you take someone down on the way. Carrie then opens up about Bennett and everything and the next day, she turns the report in to Larissa who tells Carrie that she knew she wrote the essay for Bennett to save his ass.

In the Best one the Lifestyle segment, we talk about the best websites to use to buy your sexy swinging outfits and accessories. Then we discus our question which we shamelessly stole from themonogamishmarriage. Finally, listeners write in amazingly insightful answers to a request for advice about how to handle a couple that wants an exclusive relationship. Our diary story is a cautionary tale about our friendship with a couple that crossed the line from casual sexy play to deep and real emotional connection.


Some people prefer the casual hook ups, some want a long and deep relationship and some are searching for polyamory.

The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries
The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries
The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries
The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries
The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries
The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries
The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries
The Boyfriend Diaries The Boyfriend Diaries

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