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Condition: Brand New. This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory zk More information about this seller Contact this seller. Items related to Tales of New America. Tales of New America. Gunther Roosevelt. Dance didn't know he was a synth and was made to be loyal, with the help surviving institute scientist, boosting the rankings with loyal soldier will be easy.

I don't remember if synths can procreate like normal human, if that is the case repopulating will be a lot faster. LightningEagle , Aug 9, CobaltX , Goldkingy , Jouaint and 1 other person like this. LightningEagle , Aug 10, There were four seats, each coated in glossy black leather and with an armrest attached with a cupholder.

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The female soldier who'd shanghaied him into this followed him, setting herself on the opposite side, and the driver started with a sudden jolt. On they went, due south then east onto the National Mall, heading between the pile of scaffolding that was covering the form of the new — much larger — White House and the shining obelisk of the Washington Monument.

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The scars of the trench warfare fought almost two decades ago had been completely erased, and gardens had been planted on either side of the boulevard, which stretched up to the Capitol Reflecting Pool. Beyond that was another construction site, where the ruins of the original Capitol building had been cleared away and the first walls of the new were starting to rise, surmounted by scaffolding.

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It wasn't long before they arrived at their destination — Adams Air Force Base, with a bronze statue of the President in the dress of his old military rank placed just before the gate. All the while James had been dimly wondering what he'd been pressured into joining — at first he'd suspected a posting to somewhere in Europe, but that was unlikely.

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The Windsor and Berlin governments — semi-constitutional monarchies that were the only European states in contact with the US right now — already had ambassadors assigned. So what was it? What made him so important to this mission that he'd been recruited into it by the Secret Service? They were renowned for two things — involvement in special operations including shadowy black ops, and unquestioning loyalty to the President, and he wasn't sure which factor was more pertinent right now. The car stopped and he got out, before being shepherded into a squat concrete construction guarded by two soldiers in T power armour — which, as it turned out, contained an elevator.

The woman who'd started this whole journey back at the State Department building ran her key-card through a reader device and pressed a button, and the elevator went down two separate stories before stopping and opening up.

New America

They passed through an underground maze of corridors; filled with soldiers, forklifts full of equipment and crates, technicians and engineers, secretaries and military officers, all going to and fro. It took almost half an hour before they arrived in a nondescript briefing room — the woman left him at that point - a spartan chamber with multiple rows of chairs set before a projection screen and a short wooden platform on which stood a tall, middle-aged man with streaks of white in his hair.

He was dressed in the black uniform of a Secret Service officer, the insignia of a Colonel on his chest. James was left anxiously checking his watch for five minutes, before a large number of soldiers entered the room, dressed in the black ensembles of Secret Service troops. There were about 36 or so — three full squads of men — and all of them, he noticed, were male.

He felt more confused than ever — not that bunkers and tunnels were strange to him, having spent his early years in the Greenbrier Bunker Network of western Virginia, the son of a member of the reconstituted US Congress. He was unsure what role he was supposed to play in this military operation, and why he — a diplomat with no combat training other than the requisite marksmanship course in secondary education — was being sent into this.

The officer cleared his throat and spoke. While the Air Force's bombing raids on the Las Vegas region from to have had an overly high casualty rate to justify continued strikes, we are going to succeed where they have failed. While they are a group who are hostile to our ultimate goals, at the moment they are fixated against our enemies on the West Coast. We will supply them with some of our more obsolete weapons from old military depots in the region to assist them in attacking the NCR.

We hope that in doing so we can, at the least, weaken our enemies.

Adventures in New America

You will be flying to AFB Van Buren, a pre-War facility near Tucson, the capital of one of the factions — in particular, the one that we, from our fragmentary knowledge, believe we can work with. James Davison, your role in this mission is to negotiate with the leadership to convince them to accept our help and influence them to help them fulfill our objectives.

We trust that your studies of Classics and the Latin language in higher education can help you understand their mentality — as they seem to be based on a model of Roman revivalism.

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They're barbarians, but for the moment we must all put that aside. I only studied those subjects to pad out my resume. Given the coming election next year — this being the first one since with an actual opposing candidate having declared his intention to run — and the nature of the people we'll be dealing with, the President has classified this mission top secret.

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Once you return, none of you — especially you, Davison — are to talk about this with anybody. Is that understood? They arrived swiftly into the cavernous underground construction, the troops swiftly taking off their service uniforms to reveal the black combat gear — based on the same design as the vault suit still used in those underground facilities still in service — before entering their power armour.

He followed them into the craft that would take him to Arizona — a black-painted vertibird, one of three located in the hangar —and watched as they closed the door. I definitely didn't expect this when I got up for work this morning , he mused bitterly as he strapped himself into his seat. Had I known- His train of thought was cut off by a sound of grinding metal as far above the hangar doors opened. Then the engines took over and the plane rushed straight upwards before flying to the southwest and the unknown, perilous world beyond the borders of US territory.

Last edited: Apr 24, LightningEagle , Aug 11, Michael Howze , AscendedWarrior , Crow gotta eat and 49 others like this. So this makes a good set up to the story and will show us at least one of the major plots. I like the fact that you have the Greenbrier Bunker system even if it is just in the background. It is one of the more famous bunkers from the cold war I bet good money that it would have been a huge one in the Fallout timeline.

We also see a little bit of the time period between the stories. I think that dropping little hints is better then covering it in detail with a lot of exposition. This way you can fill in the important details and let the reader fill in everything else.

Tales of New America Tales of New America
Tales of New America Tales of New America
Tales of New America Tales of New America
Tales of New America Tales of New America
Tales of New America Tales of New America
Tales of New America Tales of New America

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