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What's more, a handful of classics including Catch 22 and Slaughterhouse 5 have been removed from the library to undergo "re-evaluation". Garrett scrunches her face concernedly and says she doesn't like the sound of that, and Geri solemnly says it sounds like - egads! Garrett says she never thought such a wretched thing could happen at Eastland, and Tootie breezily waves a hand in the air and says, "It's probably being done for a good reason. Natalie wails, "This is America!

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Geri says she's totally against censorship and announces that she'd be willing to sign a petition, even though she's in no way connected to Eastland and her opinion would have zero weight. Garrett says she strongly feels the need to speak out about this abomination, and is marching straight to the library to further investigate the situation. She asks Natalie what she's going to do about it as editor of the school paper, then screechily proposes, " Make a lot of noise!! Make your voice all screechy like mine and make a lot of noise! Parker the headmaster tells Mrs. Garrett she's overreacting, and that censoring literature is no cause for alarm.

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Garrett screechily argues that people with no training are overriding the librarian's book buying decisions, and are ordering her to remove four great classics from the library. She wails, "Something alarming is happening here! Parker tries to divert the conversation to her strudel recipe. When Mrs. Garrett unhappily glares at him, he tells her that the school board has unilaterally decided to re-evaluate certain books.

Garrett says she's confused about how books that have been in the library for years could suddenly be considered offensive, so Mr.

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Parker explains that a group of angry parents have accused him of corrupting their children and are threatening to pull their kids out of Eastland Garrett accuses him of selling out and assures him that the school would not shut down over this, but Mr. Parker condescendingly tells her she just has to blindly trust that what he's doing is best for the school. Garrett points out that one small group of parents throwing a tantrum shouldn't dictate policy, and reminds him that it's their job to prepare these girls for real life.

An irked Mr. Parker barks back that determining school policy is up to the headmaster, not the dietician! Garrett stubbornly retorts that she refuses to keep silent about something she thinks is wrong. Natalie reads aloud the anti-book banning article she just published in the school paper, then looks to Mrs. With amazing artwork that really sucks you in, you'll find yourself reading this in one sitting pretty easily! Vaim Sep 27, Vaim Sep 26, View All Events.

Alare Illustrations: J. Reads Best With A great graphic novel that slowly builds up by properly introducing the main characters in a sort of coming-of-age story of a struggling musician that tries to get his band to the next step, while he's trying to keep his life together and ending up fighting an ancient evil.

All of this beautifully drawn with artwork that manages to suck you in and at times make you feel as if you're actually at a live gig or hearing the music! TAG abrams comicarts aksel avant-garde avant-garde metal aydin bear book book column Book Review column comic comic book extras finland finnish graphic novel jp ahonen kervinen kp alare lily metal novel perkeros progressive Progressive Metal reading release review sing no evil the GRIMM Reader worth reading.

Previous Post Vltimas release new track and album details of forthcoming album! Next Post Headliner announcement for Alcatraz ! November 7 - In July , Nevsun estimated that Bisha held total copper reserves of over 1 billion pounds and zinc reserves of roughly 2. Feasibility study to be completed in A May prefeasibility study projected that the mine will produce over , tonnes of copper, , tonnes of zinc and significant amounts of gold and silver over a 15 year mine life.

Production anticipated to begin in or around In the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions on Eritrea over its alleged support for the Islamist group al-Shabaab in neighboring Somalia. In addition, international mining firms must take care to ensure that any local contractors they employ do not subject workers to abusive working conditions, whether they are conscript laborers or not. Evidence gathered by Human Rights Watch suggests that the Eritrean government may be reluctant or even unwilling to permit international mining firms to take such steps.

And there is certainly no indication that any of the firms developing new mining projects in Eritrea have done so with sufficient rigor. All over the world many international mining firms turn to local contractors to build basic infrastructure and provide other services. In many contexts this not only makes economic sense, but helps maximize the economic benefits that flow to the local economy.

But in Eritrea mining firms that take on local contractors are at great risk of complicity in forced labor and other abuses.

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Mining companies carry out significant construction activity during their project development phase. In Eritrea state-affiliated firms have a monopoly in construction. Regrettably, there is no evidence that any of the international mining firms currently developing projects in Eritrea have taken effective steps to address these risks when designing their projects.

Human Rights Watch contacted each of the three companies that are currently operating or developing mines in Eritrea with a summary of the concerns expressed in this report. We also requested detailed information about any measures the companies were taking to avoid complicity in human rights abuse. Their responses were disheartening.

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Yet Hughes admitted that South Boulder Mines had so far given no consideration to—let alone carried out any due diligence activity around—the human rights risks involved with developing the project or its infrastructure. It is not too late by any means for the company to take these steps, but Hughes acknowledged that there were not yet any concrete plans to do so.

Hughes expressed serious concern about the potential human rights problems revealed by our research, but outlined no concrete steps to address them. He suggested that the company might prefer to avoid the use of Eritrean contractors altogether for reasons of quality, safety and cost—but was caught entirely off guard by the suggestion that the Eritrean authorities would be unlikely to permit this.

The company never provided any sort of response.

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Canadian firm Nevsun—the only company with an operational mining project in Eritrea as of October —engaged in an extended and open dialogue with Human Rights Watch in writing and in person. Their project—and their dialogue with us—is the subject of the case study below. After years of exploration construction began in and production was declared in February In July Nevsun estimated that Bisha held total copper reserves of over 1 billion pounds and zinc reserves of roughly 2.

Nevsun maintains that it had no choice in the matter:. This was a critical oversight. Human Rights Watch interviewed four Eritreans who attest that they worked on the Bisha project at various points during this period— two former national service conscripts, one former non-conscript employee of Segen, and one former employee of BMSC the Nevsun-run joint venture that operates the mine. Each provided detailed and credible accounts of their time at Bisha. The other former conscript said he was inducted in and was forced to remain in national service until he fled the country in Each morning they would be ferried in flat-bed trucks to the work site from their encampment, and each evening they would be transported back.

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Respite was limited to an hour mid-day break and Sundays off. Those who tried to leave at other times were severely punished. He had been denied permission to attend the event but decided to go anyway. He and the friend traveling with him were captured en route and imprisoned for four months. After his release he rejoined the rest of his contingent, which had by then deployed away from Bisha to work on another Segen project.

Conscript pay is inadequate to support a family. Another said that they had no access to latrines of any kind. The interviewees claimed that, to disguise its use of conscripts, Segen forbade national service members from speaking to foreigners working at the project site. The climate of fear was intense because of suspected retaliation for challenging practices the government undoubtedly was aware of. Nevsun did not acknowledge that Segen had used conscript laborers at Bisha, but neither did it rule out the possibility. Nevsun has struggled to respond effectively to the human rights concerns thrown up by the Bisha project.

It has made real—albeit belated and uneven— progress in improving policies that are meant to prevent the use of forced labor at the site. Nevsun and BMSC have adopted formal policies that explicitly preclude the use of conscripts by anyone at Bisha, including local contractors. SENET maintains that in response to indications that Segen might be using conscripts at Bisha, in April all contracts with Segen were altered to include an explicit guarantee that no conscript labor would be used in connection with the Bisha project.

Whether these policies have succeeded in preventing Segen from using conscripts at Bisha is an open question; it is clear, though, that they were in dire need of improvement. Human Rights Watch asked SENET whether it felt that the screening process it was tasked with implementing between and was adequate to the task of preventing the use of conscript laborers on site.

Credible, effective employee grievance mechanisms are key components of good human rights practice because they often represent the best way for company officials to learn of alleged abuses that need to be addressed. BMSC will ensure that the new mechanism is communicated to all those who work at the Bisha mine, so they can in turn communicate their fears without fear of retribution.

On the contrary, Segen seems to have created an atmosphere of fear that discouraged questioning authority or voicing complaints. Nevsun has requested permission to interview Segen employees independently to verify that none of them are involuntary conscript laborers. Segen has flatly refused to allow this.

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Segen has refused to permit such interviews. Human Rights Watch suggested to Nevsun that, under the circumstances, the company should seek to interview Segen employees whether Segen approves of the idea or not. Segen responded with similar truculence, and to this day neither Nevsun nor BMSC staff have ever managed to visit the camp. BMSC says that it responded to these disturbing findings by filing a complaint with Segen and demanding improvements.

BMSC requested permission to inspect the current housing site for Segen employees following a July meeting between Human Rights Watch and Nevsun, but was again denied entry. Rather than find effective ways to head off predictable human rights problems in advance, Nevsun chose to develop its human rights policies only while the Bisha project moved ahead. Even if everything the company says is taken at face value, the picture is a damning one: Nevsun does not know whether Segen has made use of forced labor at Bisha, and it has no way of finding out.

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