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Line the bottom of your raised bed with hardware cloth to keep gophers out! The contained environment of a raised bed and hopefully level soil makes them perfect for water-conscious irrigation like drip. By the way, drip irrigation and other forms of localized irrigation can really help mitigate weeds!

Save your back from leaning, hunching and kneeling. Raised beds and prefabricated container gardens can be quite beautiful.


Add some pop or color to your property, whether your aesthetic is sustainable redwood, corten steel, or any number of other options. Thinking about moving in the next few years? Raised Beds: the Cons Raised beds and prefabricated container gardens often come at a higher initial cost than planting in-ground. As with most things in life, raised beds do have a lifespan and could need the occasional repair before an eventual rebuild.

Raised beds can limit root growth for some hardy growers, and is not recommended for fruit trees. They can reduce overall plantable square feet as you account for the material used wood, for instance and walking space. In-Ground Beds: the Pros Costs associated with starting a fruit, vegetable, or herb garden in-ground are typically lower than installing a raised bed garden.

In-ground planting can offer more plantable square feet, and is easier to take advantage of in odd-shaped spaces. If your property has healthy soil full of microbial life, all the hard work is already done! Lightly fertilize and amend while planting. On the other hand, you might just be ready for a challenge!

Jose Saramago's 'Raised From the Ground' is a funny book about poverty in Portugal

Regenerating poor soil with organic amendments can bring back life to areas that have long been barren. There are no quotation marks and direct speech is introduced solely by use of a comma and a capital letter. Another common feature is narratorial intrusion, with the narrator often becoming as much a part of the story as the people he is talking about:.

However, the more I read, the more it appealed, and the more I appreciated the way Saramago set out his story.


While the writing is often humorous, occasionally it can simply be beautiful. The best example of this is a ten-page section recounting the birth of baby Maria. In this chapter, the writer sets out an adapted nativity scene, with the father, uncle and grandfather of the new-born child taking on the role of the three kings. While the poor men are unable to produce much gold, frankincense or myrrh, they are able to bring some much more important gifts to bless the baby girl with… In short, Raised from the Ground is superb. I'm glad you enjoyed this! At the time, I found it to be the most disturbing novel I'd ever read.

Like Like. I like the sound of this one, although I don't remember coming across mention of it before. This sounds great. I read 'The Double' last year and loved it and I really want to read more Saramago. Thanks for mentioning the podcast with Margaret Jull Costa. I could happily listen to her for hours — in fact I dashed out and bought 'All The Names' on the back of listening to it!

I also have 'Blindness' on the shelf. Tony, I'm glad you enjoyed this novel, and that I had a small role in leading you to it.

Good luck with Blindness, it's a beautiful, dark novel too. And if you like it, I hope you next give Seeing a try. I'm sure I'll get to more one day….

The Costa Podcast had same effect fpor me Tony but yet to find a saramago second hand and I got lot library books at moment on order and at home so be later in the year till I get him but I will all the best stu. Is no one going to address the elephant in the room?

The author's name is Saramago, not Samarago.

LOVE your blog, but this is driving me nuts that you cannot get the author's name right…it's a respect thing for me. I can assure you it's nothing to do with respect — it's obviously a linguistic blind-spot for me. Jacqui — Everyone seems to have read one Saramago — usually a different one!

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Deciding on Raised Beds or In-Ground Gardening

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Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground
Raised From The Ground Raised From The Ground

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