Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study

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Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Get In-Stock Alert. Britton was an earnest advocate of the preservation of national monuments, proposing in the formation of a society such as the modern Society for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments. He then addressed himself to the French ministers, and had much earnest conversation, especially with Rouher, whom he found well inclined to the economical and commercial principles which he advocated. He was an earnest advocate of the adoption of the Federal constitution, was a member of the Massachusetts convention which ratified that instrument, and was one of the most influential advisers of the leaders of the Federalist party.

The periods of silence are regarded as times of worship equally with those occupied with vocal service, inasmuch as Friends hold that robustness of spiritual life is best promoted by earnest striving on the part of each one to know the will of God for xI. Nearly all the best writers are characterized by a certain naive and earnest piety which is attractive, and not infrequently display a force of moral indignation which arrests attention.

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  • Quiet talks with earnest people in my study.

The guardsman lowered his gaze to the ashes as he began digging in earnest. Ryland listed his address as Grand Junction, Colorado and indicated he'd stay at least through the weekend when the ice climbing festivities began in earnest. When the convention met and the balloting began, the contest along these factional lines started in earnest. It is generally and traditionally praised, but those who have read it will be more disposed to agree with Charles Lamb, who considers it "of a vile and debasing tendency," and thinks it "almost impossible to suppose the author in earnest.

Venezuela declared its independence on the 5th of July , and in the following year the war commenced in earnest by the advance of Monteverde with the Spanish troops.

Use earnest in a sentence | earnest sentence examples

Soon the Imperialists advanced in earnest , greatly superior in numbers. It is crude, but original and earnest , and shows a wide range of reading very remarkable in so young a man. The French Revolution seemed to many earnest thinkers the one great outcry of modern times for the liberty of thought and action which is the eternal heritage of every human being. This appoinment had a deep influence on the already vigorous religious life of Huss himself; and one of the effects of the earnest and independent study of Scripture into which it led him was a profound conviction of the great value not only of the philosophical but also of the theological writings of Wycliffe.

South camp is now named Stanhope Lines, after Mr Stanhope, who was secretary of state for war when the Barracks Act was passed and the reconstruction commenced in earnest.

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde - Symbols

Meanwhile the Zanzibar Arabs had reached Buganda in everincreasing numbers as traders; but many of them were earnest 1 The letter was entrusted to Linant de Bellefonds, a Belgian in the Egyptian service, who had been sent to Buganda by Gordon. The slaying of Patroclus by the Trojan hero Hector roused Achilles from his indifference; eager to avenge his beloved comrade, he sallied forth, equipped with new armour fashioned by Hephaestus, slew Hector, and, after dragging his body round the walls of Troy, restored it to the aged King Priam at his earnest entreaty.

But this implied the gathering of the earnest " professors " in each locality into a definite body, committed to the Gospel as their law of life. He was educated at Toul, where he successively became canon and bishop; in the latter capacity he rendered important political services to his relative Conrad II. It is an earnest and striking appeal on behalf of the Empire, which was clearly in great danger, and it shows the terms offered to the Church, as well as the strength of the Church at the time. Moshesh now turned in earnest to Sir Philip Wodehouse for preservation. But he exercised a wholesome influence over the more earnest students of history among the resident graduates.

These terms were never kept, despite the earnest remonstrances of the king, and the complaints of the aggrieved borderers. There was thus a considerable number of earnest people dispersed throughout the country waiting for the rousing of the parish clergy. The duration of the war was due to the nature of the country and the enormous distances to be traversed, not to any want of energy, for the armies were in deadly earnest and their battles and combats of which two thousand four hundred can be named sterner than those of almost any war in modern history.

The men of the South were not less in earnest , and the most highly individualized people in the world was thus found ready to accept a rigorous discipline as the only way to success. The withdrawal of Sennacherib's army, in which the doctrine of the inviolability of Zion received the most striking practical confirmation, was welcomed by Isaiah and his disciples as an earnest of the speedy inbringing of the new spiritual era.

His colleagues in the Religious Tract Society united with other earnest evangelical leaders to establish a new society, which should have for its sole object "to encourage a wider circulation of the Holy Scriptures, without note or comment. He was not an original thinker, but a diligent student, distinguished by great learning, by a turn for historical and philological criticism, and by an earnest purpose to uproot false teaching - especially Christianity, to ennoble men and train them to goodness.

So great was the general decline that this Neoplatonic philosophy offered a welcome shelter to many earnest and influential men, in spite of the 1 It was condemned by an edict of the emperors Theodosius II. He succeeded to the throne on the 16th of November and at once gave earnest of his good intentions by cutting down the expenses of the royal establishment, dismissing his father's ministers, and reforming the most oppressive abuses of the late reign.

He became Zwingli's best helper, and after more than a year of earnest preaching and four public disputations in which the popular verdict had been given in favour of Oecolampadius and his friends, the authorities of Basel began to see the necessity of some reformation.

In , before the expiration of his term, he resigned his seat, and at Concord, New Hampshire, began his career at the bar in earnest , though still retaining an interest in politics. At the present day, despite the earnest wish of the council of Trent Sess. He studied with earnest zeal the Greek philosophers; Plato in particular, and the writings of the Stoics, he had fully at command, and his treatise De Anima shows that he himself was able to investigate and discuss philosophical problems.

From the philosophers he had been led to the medical writers, whose treatises plainly had a place in his working library.

Charles Edward Jefferson

Under Elizabeth's succession he returned to England, and made earnest efforts to secure what would now be called a low-church settlement of religion. His reputation in the parliament of was that of a dilettante, who allied himself with the three politicians already named from a feeling of irresponsibility rather than of earnest purpose; he was regarded as one who, on the rare occasions when he spoke, was more desirous to impart an academic quality to his speeches than to make any solid contribution to public questions.

Even if the bull encouraged the persecution of witches, in so far as it encouraged the inquisitors to take earnest action, there is still no valid ground for the accusation that Innocent VIII. Careless of the glories of Renaissance art, a stranger to all worldly instincts, the earnest Netherlander inscribed on his banner the healing of the moral ulcers, the restoration of unity to the Church - especially in Germany - and the preservation of the West from the Turkish danger.

But besides being a true educator, and perhaps the greatest popular teacher of natural philosophy in his generation, he was an earnest and original observer and explorer of nature. Building began in earnest about , and was continued steadily until the middle of the 13th century, after which the only important erection was Abbot Huby's tower c. On the 21st of February , at his earnest request, he was carried in a litter from Fredriksborg to his beloved Copenhagen, where he died a week later. It was then too that he chose his " lady-love," whom he was expected to regard with an adoration at once earnest , respectful, and the more meritorious if concealed.

The revival was not a little due to the foundation in 18 22, by a few earnest but as they called themselves " humble and obscure " Catholics at Lyons, of a new voluntary society, called the Institution for the Propagation of the Faith. By the influence of Lord James, in spite of the earnest opposition of Knox, permission was obtained for her to hear Mass celebrated in her private chapel - a licence to which, said the Reformer, he would have preferred the invasion of ten thousand Frenchmen.

Oscar Wilde

According to the Memoirs of Sir James Melville, both Lord Herries and himself resolved to appeal to the queen in terms of bold and earnest remonstrance against so desperate and scandalous a design; Herries, having been met with assurances of its unreality and professions of astonishment at the suggestion, instantly fled from court; Melville, evading the danger of a merely personal protest without backers to support him, laid before Mary a letter from a loyal Scot long resident in England, which urged upon her consideration and her conscience the danger and disgrace of such a project yet more freely than Herries had ventured to do by word of mouth; but the sole result was that it needed all the queen's courage and resolution to rescue him from the violence of the man for whom, she was reported to have said, she cared not if she lost France, England and her own country, and would go with him to the world's end in a white petticoat before she would leave him.

His most formidable assailant was Johann Melchior Goeze , the chief pastor of Hamburg, a sincere and earnest theologian, but utterly unscrupulous in his choice of weapons against an opponent.

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He had at Rome already made the acquaintance of Lord Elcho and of John Murray of Broughton; at Paris he had seen many supporters of the Stuart cause; he was aware that in every European court the Jacobites were represented in earnest intrigue; and he had now taken a considerable share in correspondence and other actual work connected with the promotion of his own and his father's interests. When Alaric found himself once more outwitted by the machinations of such a foe, he marched southward and began in deadly earnest his third, his ever-memorable siege of Rome.

In March he was made private life, his earnest Christianity and the unrepining loyalty colonel of the 1st U. Cavalry; but his career in the old army with which he accepted the ruin of his party. As a preacher he was vivid, eager and earnest , equally plainspoken and uncompromising when preaching to a fashionable congregation or to his own village poor.

No sooner was this effected than the project of a legislative union between the British and Irish parliaments, which had been from time to time discussed since the beginning of the 18th century, was taken up in earnest by Pitt's government. The slavery question, in one form or another, had become the great overshadowing issue in national, and even in state politics; the abolition movement, begun in earnest by W.

The consent of several of the electors having been purchased by concessions, Frederick signed with Pope Nicholas V. Maximilian found time to make earnest but unavailing efforts to mediate between his cousin, Philip II. He had no sympathy with political liberalism, but throughout his long reign of forty-two years, with a constant interchange of ministries and many ministerial crises, he never had a serious conflict with the states-general, and his ministers could always count upon his fair-mindedness and an earnest desire to help them to further the national welfare.

On the other hand, he always had the highest respect for every earnest and faithful opponent of slavery, however far their special views might differ. Innocent was a strong and earnest man of monastic temperament, but not altogether free from nepotism. Frederick William, whose temper was by no means so ruthlessly Spartan as tradition has painted it,was overjoyed, and commissioned the clergyman to receive from the prince an oath of filial obedience, and in exchange for this proof of "his intention to improve in real earnest " his arrest was to be lightened, pending the earning of a full pardon.

The early death of his parents, which illustrated to him in the most forcible manner the unstableness of all human existence, threw a gloom over his whole life, and fostered in him that earnest piety and fervent love for solitude and meditation which have left numerous traces in his poetical writings, and served him throughout his literary career as a powerful antidote against the enticing favours of princely courts, for which he, unlike most of his contemporaries, never sacrificed a tittle of his self-esteem.

Earnest men could not disguise from themselves the moral dangers almost inevitably consequent upon them; they recognized, moreover, that many pilgrims were actuated by extremely dubious motives; and they distrusted the exaggerated value set on outward works.

The Importance of Being Earnest

In depth of philosophic insight, in the method of Socratic questioning often adopted, in the earnest and elevated tone of the whole, in the evidence they afford of the most cultured thought of the day, these dialogues constantly remind the reader of the dialogues of Plato. He still corresponded with his Leipzig friends, but the tone of his letters changed; life had become graver and more earnest for him. He never was a member of the Humanist circle; he was too much in earnest about religious questions and of too practical a turn of mind. There was grace, nevertheless, in his manners; and his frank and earnest address, his quick sympathy yet he seemed cold to strangers , his vivacious, desultory, informing talk, gave him an engaging charm.

A man of deep religious feeling and an earnest churchman, he strongly resented a measure which was calculated, to his mind, greatly to injure the cause of religion in Wales. There for several years he lived, and taught by close earnest personal address and conversation. He is an earnest , sometimes stern and sometimes pathetic, preacher of righteousness, who despises the mere graces of style and the subtleties of an abstruse logic. He has no patience with mere antiquarian study of the Stoical writers.

It was at this period of his life, when his inner troubles of spirit harmonized with the unhappy external conditions of his lot, that he began an earnest and prolonged study of the Bible; and from this time dates the tone of extreme pietism which is characteristic of his writings, and which undoubtedly alienated many of his friends.

Roused by these crying evils, a small band of earnest men formed themselves into an association for the improvement of prison discipline. The earnest desire of most prison administration is to develop industrial training and trade profits side by side with mildness of treatment. There is in reality no room for suspecting Moawiya of not having been in earnest when making this appeal; he might well regret that internecine strife should drain the forces which were so much wanted for the spread of Islam.

Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study
Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study
Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study
Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study
Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study
Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study
Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study
Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study Quiet Talks with Earnest People in my Study

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