Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013

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Futurity When Dr.

Parsons wakes up from a car accident, he finds himself in a future populated almost entirely by the young - death is fetishized, and those who survive to old age are put down. Parsons, with his desire to save lives, finds himself a criminal and outcast. But for one revolutionary group, he may be just the savior they need to heal and revive their cryogenically frozen leader. And when he and the group journey to s California, what they find causes them to question what they know about history and the underpinnings of their society. Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said Jason Taverner, world-famous talk show host and man-about-town, wakes up one day to find that no one knows who he is - including the vast databases of the totalitarian government.

And in a society where lack of identification is a crime, Taverner has no choice but to go on the run with a host of shady characters, including crooked cops and dealers of alien drugs. But do they know more than they are letting on? And just how can a person's identity be erased overnight?

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Lies, Inc. Expanded from his novella 'The Unteleported Man'.

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When catastrophic overpopulation threatens Earth, one company offers to teleport citizens to an allegedly pristine new home for happy and industrious immigrants. But there is one problem: the teleportation machine only works in one direction. When Rachmael ben Applebaum discovers that some of the footage of happy settlers may have been faked, he sets out on an eighteen-year journey to see if anyone wants to come back.

A Maze of Death Delmak-O is a dangerous planet. Though there are only fourteen citizens, no one can trust anyone else, and death can strike at any moment. The planet is largely unexplored, populated mostly by gelatinous cube-shaped beings that give cryptic advice in the form of anagrams. Deities can be spoken to directly via a series of prayer amplifiers and transmitters, but they may not be happy about it.

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And the mysterious building in the distance draws all the colonists to it. Our Friends from Frolix 8 Every citizen of Earth is tested as a child; some are found to be super-smart New Men, and some are Unusuals with various psychic powers; these join the elite who run the world. The vast majority are Undermen, performing menial jobs in an overpopulated world. Nick Appleton is an Underman, content to go with the flow and eke out an existence - until his son is classified as an Underman.

Strengthening his resolve, and energizing the resistance movement, is news that a great resistance leader is returning from a trip to the furthest reaches of space. And he's brought help: a giant, indestructible alien. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch Exiles from a blistering Earth huddle miserably in Martian colonies; the only things that make life bearable are the drugs. Can-D 'translates' those who take it into the bodies of Barbie-like dolls. But now Palmer Eldritch has returned after disappearing a decade ago, bringing with him Chew-Z, a new drug even more powerful than Can-D, and as mysterious as Eldritch himself.

Valis 2: The Divine Invasion God is not dead, he has merely been exiled to another planet. And it is on this planet that God meets Herb Asher and convinces him to help retake Earth from the demonic Belial. When Simon goes missing, Jared and Mallory have to contend with a band of marauding goblins to save him.

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With goblins, trolls, and the house boggart all trying to get them - and the Guide - the children turn to great-aunt Lucinda for answers. After Mallory is kidnapped at her fencing meet, Jared and Simon search for her near an old quarry, and find themselves amidst dwarves and goblins. The children return home to find the mansion ransacked, and learn that Mulgarath has made off with both the Guide and their mother. But before they can face Mulgarath and his goblin army, they'll have to rescue Arthur Spiderwick from Lorengorm and the elves.

But when a professor is murdered, she once again finds herself in the center of the mystery. Fifteen-year-old foundling Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, an employment agency for magicians, but it's hard to stay in business when magic is drying up. Now visions are predicting the death of the world's last dragon at the hands of an unnamed Dragonslayer. If the visions are true, everything will change for Jennifer and Kazam - because something known as Big Magic is coming. Now she is afraid, too.

Locus #628 [Magazine]

She wants more than anything to be happy at the ancient manor owned by her aunt and uncle. But the undeniable fact is that the family which claims to welcome and love her is hiding truths from her. The truth of the Lady Stone. The truth of the Old Ways. The truth of moon and star and witchcraft. The truth of her mother's death. From Elfland. Murder, corruption, and betrayal ensue as he's drawn into the dark underworld of his client, but hapless Robert and his sidekick, a flower-delivery guy, can't stop drinking, smoking, and philosophizing long enough to keep up.

Paxton is found poisoned in her bedroom, fingers point at her nephew Terence Napier, seen leaving the house the previous evening after a row over her will. Months later, Napier hasn't been found, but a dead man has been discovered in a train compartment, with Mrs. Paxton's sapphire necklace at his feet. Grant, Maxwell Gibson, Walter B. Zemba : The Dark Avenger's search for missing submarine plans sets him on the trail of a Parisian super-criminal.

House of Silence : The Shadow sheds light on a deadly secret. Green, Simon R. Eddie Drood Live and Let Drood Eddie's family has been keeping the forces of evil contained in the shadows for as long as Droods have walked the earth. But now Eddie's entire family has been banished to an alternate dimension. And when he finds out who - or what - attacked his clan, there will be payback. An overview of crime fiction from the s to the s, illustrated with magazine and book cover art. Among the mystic warrior priests, he witnesses astounding magic and learns that the golden key he lost - the one that can open a Great Gate so that he and his friends can return home - lies within his reach.

But not even the remote mountain monastery is safe from violent turmoil in this age of rebellion and religious warfare. Hamilton, Laurell K. Anita Blake Kiss the Dead When a fifteen-year-old girl is abducted by vampires, it's up to Anita to find her. When she does, she's faced with an ordinary group of people - kids, grandparents, soccer moms - all recently turned and willing to die to avoid serving a master. And where there's one martyr, there will be more. Park Avenue's classiest law firm hires him to find a missing student, but the investigation gets dangerous when someone gets killed.

Dodging the slings and arrows of not one but two goddesses of the hunt, Atticus, Granuaile, and wolfhound Oberon are making a mad dash across Europe to seek help from a friend of the Tuatha De Danann. The usual magical option of shifting planes is blocked, so the game plan is to run like hell.

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  4. Crashing the marathon is the Norse god Loki; killing Atticus is the only loose end he needs to tie up before unleashing Ragnarok. Atticus and Granuaile have to outfox the huntresses and contain the god of mischief if they want to go on living - and still have a world to live in. Hines, Jim C.

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    Magic Ex Libris 1: Libriomancer A member of a secret organization founded five centuries ago by Johannes Gutenberg, Isaac is a Libriomancer, able to reach magically into books and draw forth objects. Attacked by vampires that leaked from books into our world, he manages to escape, and discovers that they have been attacking other magic users as well.

    With the help of a motorcycle-riding Dryad who packs a semi-automatic, Isaac finds himself hunting the dark power that has been manipulating both humans and vampires. His search will uncover dangerous secrets about Libriomancy, Gutenberg, and the history of magic. When the ATF gets a lead on a cache of illegal guns near the Canadian border, they ask McKenzie to go undercover to help get the gunrunners. What could possibly go wrong? Hudspeth, E. Spencer Black Includes two books.

    The first is a fictional biography of Dr. Spencer Black, from a childhood spent exhuming corpses through his medical training in s Philadelphia, his travels with carnivals, and his mysterious disappearance. The second is Black's magnum opus, The Codex Extinct Animalia , a Gray's Anatomy for mythological beasts, all rendered in meticulously detailed anatomical illustrations. Frugalicious 1: Eternally 21 While Maddie is researching deals for her bargain-hunting blog, a store manager accuses her of shoplifting. When the manager winds up dead, and evidence point to Maddie the culprit, she must track down the real killer.

    Includes bargain shopping tips. Jackson, Chris A. Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Honor Novel based on the role-playing game. The forces of the Reich, led by the occult-obsessed Kaiser, have sold their souls to demonic powers. President Edison has sanctioned the use of alien technology from Roswell to aid the beleaguered Union in its fight against tyranny.

    Enter the Shogunate, a warrior sect with their own shadowy agenda, whose forces are headed for Kamchatka. A trip to the Cheyenne Reservation to find a site for his daughter's wedding turns horrific when Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire and his friend Henry Standing Bear witness a young woman plummeting from Painted Warrior's majestic cliffs. It's not Walt's turf, but newly appointed tribal police chief Lolo Long talks him into helping with the investigation. Walt is stretched thin as he mentors Lolo, attempts to catch the bad guys, and performs his duties as father of the bride.

    Audiobook Fantasy Science Fiction - Olympos Mons - Part 1

    For millennia, she has avenged that god, and her dead sisters, against anyone who uses the Rituals of Blood to become a god through mass murder. Meanwhile, in modern-day England, a shocking incident shows Emma that the world is not as she thought: there are demons and gods, elves and vampires. Her weapon is knowledge, and she pursues it wherever it leads; the one thing she does not know is who she and her ghostly lover Caroline are working for.

    Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013 Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013
    Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013 Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013
    Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013 Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013
    Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013 Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013
    Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013 Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013
    Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013 Locus Magazine, Issue 628, May 2013

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