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The roasting company, which was started eight months ago as an offshoot of Dallis Brothers Coffee, a national concern that now shares the Ozone Park site with Kudo Beans, has made its first foray into the New York City coffee market with a focus on Korean-owned greengrocers and delis like Mr.

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With supermarkets, Starbucks and other major coffee and sandwich chains rapidly moving into New York City, the grocers have seen their business drop in the last five years, by about 30 percent, according to the Korean-American Grocers Association of New York, which has about 2, members in the five boroughs. And after trying a host of other changes -- adding specialty foods to the shelves and renovating the stores -- to compete, they have now pinned their hopes on coffee.

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So last year, we started to think about some other item to add to our stores. He said that many stores, especially smaller ones, were reluctant to pay more for coffee or invest in cappuccino machines or even neon signs and Kudo Beans cups. They like to go to have expensive coffee and dessert.

They don't want that kind of leftover coffee. Choi had met Jeff S. Ryu, cafe concept director for Kudo Beans, when they were college students, and he knew Mr. Ryu later went into the coffee business. So the two discussed the possibility of upgrading deli and greengrocer coffee, and the association soon began organizing the effort to put Kudo Beans into its member stores.

Hope You Aren't Counting on Getting a Tax Refund This Winter

One of Mr. Ryu's primary roles is advising the stores about how to make their coffee stations, or what he calls ''coffee stages,'' more physically appealing. Ryu said. He added: ''Coffee is a passionate item.

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If you get used to our coffee, you'll keep coming back for it. One Manhattan deli owner, Sarah Song, opened her store, on West 18th Street, three weeks ago and immediately began serving Kudo Beans coffee.

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She said she was so pleased with the coffee that she decided to name the new deli ''Kudos. Owners and other employees of stores selling Kudo Beans are invited to the cafe and roasting plant in Queens for training on cappuccino machines and to view the roasting, grinding and flavoring of the coffee beans. There is also tasting of the various blends, including percent Nicaraguan, Mocha Java and the company's flagship blend, Kudo Select.

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  • Like wine tasting, coffee sampling involves the ''sniff, slurp and spit,'' routine, said Stephen Schulman, vice president for coffee operations at Kudo Beans. As the company aggressively markets to small and medium-size greengrocers and delis around the city, the impact on overall sales for the stores that have switched to Kudo Beans remains to be seen.

    And in a city with so many beans and brews to choose from, it is still unclear whether Kudo Beans will garner a following among coffee lovers, even frugal ones. David Abrahams, a lifelong New Yorker and coffee drinker who brews high-quality coffee at home and drinks deli coffee at lunch, made a pot of Kudo Select the other day, after a friend gave him a pound of beans.

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    Abrahams, 75, who for the last several years has been in a competition with his upstairs neighbor on East 10th Street to find the best beans. I've had better and I've had worse. This year, that figure stands to be even larger: Another change in the tax code means that more families will be claiming the Child Tax Credit CTC than in the past. Previously, the credit applied to families with children ages 16 or below; this year, families with children 17 and up as well as certain households with adult dependents will also qualify.

    A survey of early-filing taxpayers with children who claimed the EITC or CTC asked how they intended to spend their refunds; the most common response was to pay overdue bills.

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    So even a delay of just a few weeks has potentially serious implications. A recent study by the Federal Reserve shows that EITC recipients spend about 15 cents of every dollar from their refunds at retail and grocery stores or restaurants. But when it involves spending on food or utilities, a delay means an increase in food insecurity or other forms of hardship. At the moment, however, that net faces a severe test. Kriston Capps is a staff writer for CityLab covering housing, architecture, and politics. He previously worked as a senior editor for Architect magazine.

    Two years into the Myanmar refugee crisis, life for the Rohingya trapped in Bangladesh has improved, thanks to infrastructure and design improvements. In some cities, a skyline full of construction equipment has become synonymous with change and displacement. Will developers start to copy the look of urban squatter and protest communities?

    As Oregon and California enact new rent control laws to combat the affordable housing crisis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposes strict rent caps nationwide. Kriston Capps kristoncapps Feed Kriston Capps is a staff writer for CityLab covering housing, architecture, and politics. Victoria Milko Clare Hammond Sep 27, Sarah Holder Sep 24, Design First, There Was Artwashing.

    Counting on Hope Counting on Hope
    Counting on Hope Counting on Hope
    Counting on Hope Counting on Hope
    Counting on Hope Counting on Hope
    Counting on Hope Counting on Hope
    Counting on Hope Counting on Hope
    Counting on Hope Counting on Hope

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