Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)

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Not long after the dungeon was active once again, it was discovered by a dwarf, who related the unearthing of this cavern to the Temple Knights of Asgarnia. Fearing the resurfacing of an ancient evil, a contingent of the Knights' best men was dispatched to the dungeon for reconnaissance.

Despite being frozen for thousands of years, the might of the ancient combatants had not diminished. All but one of the knights were swiftly slaughtered; Sir Gerry lies dying at this cave's mouth. Once at the eastern foot of Trollheim, go north past the thrower trolls using the Protect from Ranged prayer to avoid constant ranged attacks is strongly recommended.

Go up the north-east valley until a large boulder is reached. A player can simply use Surge to go past the thrower trolls without getting damaged. This requires level 34 Magic.

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All monsters in the dungeon are aggressive to any player unless they have equipped at least one item that is devoted to their god; the exception is the followers of Zaros in the Ancient Prison. Aggression remains for a monster until the battle is over, whether this be one of the combatants dying or leaving the area. As such, unequipping and reequipping a piece of equipment causes monsters in the vicinity to become aggressive but not tolerant. Only one item devoted to a god is required to pacify all of his soldiers, and having items devoted to a different god or gods does not cancel out the effect of any other piece of equipment.

Certain items aligned to Zaros - Pernix , Torva , and Virtus equipment and the shard of Zaros - will grant tolerance from all main dungeon monsters, and the shard of Zaros also negates aggression in the Ancient Prison. For players without any Zarosian equipment, four items are required for full tolerance in the main dungeon, for example, an Armadyl pendant , ancient mace , Zamorak platelegs , and Saradomin cloak. There are no followers of the god diagonally across from that section in the vicinity in the main dungeon; the one exception to this is followers of Zamorak, who are dispersed everywhere within the dungeon.

Within the god encampments, only protection for that god's followers and protection for Zamorak's followers are required. Each encampment only contains combatants of that god and a small, diffuse number of Zamorakians, except Zamorak's Fortress, which only contains Zamorakian followers. All monsters found in the dungeon are aggressive towards the player if they do not have any god-related protection on. However, here is an outlook on some of the monsters that always fight other monsters, which may be advantageous:. The lighting is dimmed and cannot be magnified by any light sources. Attempting to light the area with a light source produces the message: The darkness in this area is caused by a nearby source of extreme evil.

Your puny light source isn't nearly powerful enough to alleviate the darkness.

The fortress is the only one of the four gods' camps that contains only the minions of its god. No minions of Saradomin, Armadyl, or Bandos spawn here. Agility boosters cannot be used to enter the encampment. Familiars can be brought into the Encampment, but may need to be called at the bottom in order to access its inventory. A few minions of Zamorak werewolves, vampyres, an icefiend, and one gorak are in the encampment, fighting the minions of Saradomin. Bandos and Armadyl minions do not appear in the encampment.

In the encampment's boss chamber, players can see an inaccessible watery area. This was originally thought to be a future expansion to the God Wars Dungeon, however it was later revealed that it is an abandoned area that was originally intended for an underwater passage to Zamorak's Fortress which was replaced by the current jump across the river due to time constraints. The main area of the Encampment was increased in size along with the addition of the Zaros section of the God Wars Dungeon, providing many more monsters to fight in the Encampment.

None of the Aviansie within the camp can be attacked with Melee. There are a few Zamorak followers roaming the eyrie goraks, bloodvelds, werewolves, spiritual rangers , so it is a good idea to keep a Zamorak item equipped the Zamorak's Book of Chaos is a good choice for rangers. The Armadyl and Zamorak minions rarely fight one another. No Saradomin or Bandos minions appear in the Eyrie. The gong on the big door must be hit with a hammer to enter the camp. A hammer stored on a tool belt will work. The player automatically enters the Stronghold when the gong is hit. To leave, simply walk up next to the door and it opens, or click on the door 'Bang on big door'.

OMEGAH RED feat. MF DOOM and RZA - Books of War

The door does not always open. If this happens, walk about squares into the Stronghold and try again. Simply staying next to the door and repeatedly clicking it does not cause it to open. Only the Werewolf , Vampyre and Hellhound fight the followers of Bandos. The imp is rarely, if ever, attacked. The frozen door at the southern part of the dungeon that leads to the Ancient Prison. It is in the southern part of the Dungeon, just east of the entrance to Armadyl's Eyrie, is a door with the symbols of the four gods.

The door is the entrance to the Zaros stronghold, known as the Ancient Prison. The player must have a charged Frozen key in inventory to open the door. The key must be assembled from four key fragments, one being held by each of the four armies on the main level of the dungeon. The players must enter the encampments of Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak and slay the monsters there to obtain the pieces of the key.

All monsters in the appropriate encampment can drop a key fragment.

The Future Lies In The Past

After climbing down the pit, the player is in another small, monsterless room. The larger room contains dangerous Zarosians, mainly Ancient warriors , Ancient rangers , Ancient mages and Blood reavers. They are always aggressive to anyone who enters the room, unless the player has equipped the Shard of Zaros. At the end of the room lies a second monsterless room where the spirit Ashuelot Reis can be found.

She can access the player's bank for them. In order to access this room, players must obtain 40 Zarosian kill count or use a set of ancient ceremonial robes , which bypasses the requirement.

Blood Love (God Wars, #4) by Connie Suttle

The north part of this room is considered to be a "bank" area to restore health, while the south part is a standard area to allow players to light fires. The Generals reside at the end of their bases. In order to access them, players must kill 40 of their god's followers first e. A soulstone can bypass some of the kill count if it has charges stored, which is obtained by killing the generals themselves. If they don't have the killcount and try to enter, the door does not open for them.

Upon getting the killcount, players enter a small "lobby", where players are safe from monster attacks a bank is provided in Nex's "lobby", and also has a hidden panel at the southern end of the room to access a harder encounter. Normal and hard mode encounters can be created, apart from Nex's. A player with level 99 Prayer wearing Bandos tassets , Boots , Chestplate , and Ancient mace , Bandos coif , Bandos vambraces , Book of war , receives Prayer after praying at the Bandos altar. Commander Zilyana is a female Icyene. Her max hit with melee is ; lower than the other bosses. However, her attacks are very accurate and rapid, as she attacks every other game tick.

K'ril Tsutsaroth's magic attacks tend to hit less than his melee attacks. His melee attack can hit up to around His weaker magic attack hits a maximum of around , but is commonly used. His most dangerous attack is his special attack which is used at intervals and has a maximum of around as well as draining prayer. Using protect or deflect prayers does not affect the damage of his special attack, and he uses his special attack regardless. Kree'arra cannot be attacked with any Melee attacks.

Blood Love: God Wars, Book 4

He attacks with melee only when he is not under attack. His Ranged and Magic attacks hit all players in his chamber with a whirlwind attack that knocks players back and freezes them. General Graardor is very large, brutal, and heavily armoured. Although he does not have a weapon, he still hits very hard and should not be underestimated.

He uses Melee and Ranged attacks. His Melee attack can hit up to , whilst his Ranged attack can hit up to and hits everyone in the room. Therefore, Protect from Melee is recommended for players who have his attention. Nex is an immensely powerful being, and one of Zaros ' most powerful weapons of war.

She is a member of the Nihil race, a race created by Zaros, which possesses physical traits of the Icyene, demons, aviantese and vampyres, being graceful, yet cruel and vicious. Although Zaros initially considered the race to be a failure, referring to them as Nihil, Nex grew much larger and more powerful in size than the other Nihil, so Zaros took her under his control. She is one of Zaros' most powerful generals, along with Azzanadra and formerly Zamorak. Nex has been empowered by Zaros' gifts to her - four large crystals which contain a massive supply of shadow, smoke, blood and ice energy.

War, according to the Bible, is not caused by God but is rather the result of sin in the world Genesis , Matthew , Mark , Romans Even the book of James clearly reminds us that the ultimate cause of war is lust and desire or sin:. Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

So it seems that since sin is still in the world, open war is probably inevitable and is upon us whether we like it or not. Not all evil can be avoided.

Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)
Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)
Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)
Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)
Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)
Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)
Blood Love (God Wars Book 4)

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