Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes

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Which of your products are wheat-free or gluten-free?

The message has been quite lucrative, and not just for publishers.

Boulder, Colorado-based Glutino offers a gluten-free knockoff along with everything from breadcrumbs to Pop-Tart facsimiles. Yet people have been growing, grinding, leavening, and baking wheat since the dawn of agriculture 10, years ago. Is it really conceivable that it could have been slowly killing us all along?

The Best Vegan Gluten-Free Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Before I explain why, let me make clear that Jones is no apologist for Big Wheat. Back in , the industry-dominated Washington Grain Commission threatened to stop funding his program after he refused to work with genetically modified varieties owned by the agrichemical giant BASF.

Try to find one that will suit what you can get, as sometimes ingredients are little obscure. Secondly, you need to make sure all your condiments etc are gluGFten free. You can just make your own with bulk spices, omitting the gluten-containing ingredient. Many sauces have gluten-free options available.

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Soy sauce can be replaced with Tamari a type of light [in flavour, not calories] soy popular in Japanese food. Health food stores will be the best to find condiments and sauces, but these are often pricey. Read labels in the supermarket and look up recipes for the less time consuming stuff. Thirdly, you need to plan meals. These can include: Rice, rice noodles, polenta Italian corn mush, like hominy or fine grits — very cheap , potatoes, sweet potato, etc etc.

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So, you can serve your favourite meals with a GF starch. Bolognese and wide cut rice noodles find these in Asian markets — much cheaper than the supermarket and generally cheaper than store-bought gluten free pasta , Crockpot chicken almost any dish and rice etc.

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Then there are ways to achieve the same taste in different ways. Comments You are right about Macaroni and Cheese being a childhood staple! Thanks, Sophie.

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Annie’s Chocolate and Blueberry Creme Whoopie Pies. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe

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Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes
Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes
Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes
Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes
Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes Annies Wheat and Gluten Free Recipes

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