A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV

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And through it all, slurs like "bitch," "beaver," and "whore" are tossed around as if they're any other nouns. Who do we have to thank for this? Back before we all succumbed to American idolatry, reality television wasn't a prime-time-dominating genre with its own Emmy category—it was simply one low-rated, unscripted MTV soap opera called The Real World. The special, which predated the game-changing Survivor, was a hybrid of Miss America and a mail-order bride parade.

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They sashayed in swimsuits, tittered nervously, and answered pageant-style questions to assess their moral fortitude and sexual prowess in thirty seconds or less. Groom Rick Rockwell was hidden as he and the audience determined who deserved "the biggest prize of all Nearly 23 million viewers tuned in.

Mike and I,. That this would be the most controversial show ever! We thought it was all good, but it got so hot, so crazy red-hot. They said it was the most talked-about show since Roots! It was the lead sketch on Saturday Night Live. Nielsen defines a rating as "a percent of the total universe, either of total television households or total number or persons in a given demo," and a share as "the percent of households or persons using television at the time the program is airing. At the time, Darnell was just Fox's "specials guy," responsible for such classy celluloid concoctions as When Animals Attack!

When Rockwell's sordid past came to light, Darnell was bashed as a chauvinistic, manipulative ratings-whore who betrothed an unsuspecting woman to a potential wife beater. Barnum of television, and many speculated that he would—or, at least, should—lose his job over the sensationalistic spectacle. Fox was widely criticized by newspapers, magazines, broadcast, and online media as sinking to an abysmal new low.

Yet the damage had been done. Instead, he took his and Darnell's desperate-to-be-housewives premise to ABC, masked its misogyny in the trappings of "fairytale romance," and launched the landscape-altering dating franchise The Bachelor in March By February , Fox was devoting a whopping 41 percent and ABC 33 percent of their sweeps offerings to reality shows. Then: bedroom cams!

With these—but especially with his original Millionaire stunt, which laid the groundwork for Fleiss's The Bachelor —Darnell established the standard for how a decade of reality programming would represent women and men and. While some of his shows flopped for example, the Monica Lewinsky-hosted Mr. Personality, where a woman dated men in creepy masks , many have scored landscape-altering ratings and big bank from advertisers.

With 40 million viewers, the finale of Joe Millionaire was the third-most-watched television episode of the entire decade. The Real World's devolution clearly illustrates the spill-over effect on content across the TV dial. Discussions addressing these identities and issues often illuminated rather than reinforced prejudice. During the s, the series used sensationalized sexism, racial prejudice, homophobia, sloppy hookups, and drug and alcohol addiction as the main viewership draws.

As cultural critic Latoya Peterson writes, "Growth. An actual exchange of ideas" used to be major components of The Real World, which now seems to "specifically cast for racists, assholes, and agitators. Every season has some huge racial altercation. Every season has some kind of woman trying to sleep her way into self-esteem. Every season has a guy coping with a breakup angrily. Why the shift? Let Fleiss explain: The first thing he and Darnell thought when they heard about Rockwell's violent past was, "Great! More publicity! Mike said, 'We gotta get out in front of this!

It's a restraining order! Let's get an interview with the girl! We'll put it on as part of the special! Three years after the fact, he told a reporter that "In retrospect, I don't feel like we did anything wrong on that Multi-Millionaire show, when you see that, hey, on Married by America they. Resisting Project Brainwash — What do Darnell's Hollywood peers think of his corrosive influence on the television landscape? As early as , The New York Times predicted that "he would be avidly sought out if Fox ever let him go," especially "where his touch with male viewers would be appreciated.

Therein lies the secret to Darnell's perpetual shit-eating smirk. When Hollywood "pushes the limits," it's usually bad news for women. That has been increasingly true with reality TV, our most vivid example of a pop cultural backlash against women's rights and social progress. Even as I write this, I can hear predictable responses: It's the public's fault! I've heard that song before. One of the entertainment industry's biggest myths is that media companies bombard us with ad-rich, quality-poor unscripted programming simply because we demand it. Not so. These shows exist for only one reason: They're dirt cheap.

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It can cost an average of 50 to 75 percent less to make a reality TV show than a scripted program. For example, The Pickup Artist which taught awkward guys how to erode women's self-esteem to manipulate them into sex premiered to a measly , viewers and never reached higher than a 1. ABC shelved it for months. In a new time slot it drew between 6,5 and 8. In , Fox chose the Friday night ratings graveyard for firefly, an intricately written show from Joss Whedon, creator of cult hit Huffy the Vampire Slayer.

They aired episodes out of order, making the premise and characters hard to follow. Yet an average of 4,7 million viewers still managed to find it every week; more would have if the network hadn't undermined it. Fox canned it after eleven episodes, never airing the final three. Outraged fans sent DVD sales soaring, and a feature film, Serenity, followed.

It remains a much-missed favorite, featured on numerous "Best of the Decade" lists. Resisting Project brainwash Those are sad numbers even for cable—yet it still got picked up for a second season. TV by the Numbers, a website that analyzes Nielsen data relative to program renewals and cancelations, concluded that some unscripted shows survive "with very low numbers" because they're "so cheap that they are expected to do little more than fill air time and produce little in the way of viewership. Add an immense funding stream from embedded advertising, and it's party time.

Unscripted programs aren't just cheap to make: They can be major moneymakets before they ever appear on-screen. Season 1 of The Apprentice was a hit in with When it dropped to 7. Season 9 aired in Darnell is adamant about this. Reality Bites Back. I'm in entertainment, not in news. I don't know what the social responsibility of Seinfeld is.

Reality television

Occasionally, though, reality producers reveal a truth they'd prefer to hide. He reiterated this to Variety: "The biggest reality shows we've done, other than 'Idol,' have been social ideas. This is key. Sometimes it makes us laugh, sometimes it shocks us, but we're unable to turn away from the cathartic display of other people's humiliation. Often it makes us feel superior: No matter how bad our problems may be, at least we aren't as fill-in-the-blank pathetic, desperate, ugly, stupid as those misguided enough to sign up for such indignities on national TV.

It's easy to feel like we haven't hit bottom compated to the dregs of humanity on Rock of Love Bus. We revel in the bizarre antics, pitiful tears, wild hookups, and self-loathing insecutities. We vicariously savor all the delicious melodrama of high school cliques and office gossip, with none of the guilt. These are normal, human emotions, masterfully manipulated by folks like Darnell, Fleiss, and Hirschorn. After a long, stressful day, it can be comforting to zone out with mindless entertainment.

Some reality shows can even be edifying, offering insights into diverse communities and customs through travel and cultural exchange The Amazing Race, Meet the Natives: USA , or focusing on talent and ingenuity. Resisting Project Brainwash Project Runway, Top Chef.

Reality Television Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

But even the most salacious reality shows can be compelling. With their larger-than-life premises, they provide the same platform for fantasy and escapism as romance novels and comic books. If we have body image issues, we can imagine ourselves as a glamorous Top Model. If we're broke, how appealing to dream of winning a million-dollar record deal on American Idol or dropping insane amounts of cash on clothes, cars, or mansions on What Not to Wear, The Real Housewives, ox Million Dollar Listing.

But while the schadenfreude and escapism factors may get us to tune in, that's not what hooks us. On a more subconscious level, we continue to watch because these shows frame their narratives in ways that both play to and reinforce deeply ingrained societal biases about women and men, love and beauty, race and class, consumption and happiness in America.

People love to ask why we watch these shows by the millions, and why thousands audition to participate—areas ripe for sociological study. But as a journalist and media critic, what I find most relevant is what we've learned from a decade of unscripted programming.

Too often what passes for discussion about reality TV is limited to "Wow, that bitch was crazy! I demonsttate how these "guilty pleasures" foment gender-war ideology, with deep. Additionally, I examine the ways race, class, and commercialism intersect and complicate depictions of women throughout the genre. In response, Michael Hirschorn, formerly VHl's executive VP of original programming, argued that "resistance to reality TV ultimately comes down to snobbery.

A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV
A Brief Analysis of Michael Hirschorns The Case Against Reality TV

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